Car Locator – Find your car with the Droid

Never fear going to your local gigantic mall with the gigantic parking lot because finding your parked car just got easier with some help from “Car Locator”.


Car Locator can save and remember where you parked your car and will point you in the right direction if you ever need help finding it. The app uses GPS and compass which must be enabled for tracking down the vehicle and has several view modes like radar, map, and split. To avoid unwanted parking tickets the Android app also comes with a Parking Time alarm.

Car Locator comes in two flavors, free and $1.99. Give the free version a try and if you like it upgrade to the full version.Get if from the Android Market.

Free Car Locator QR Code:

6 thoughts on “Car Locator – Find your car with the Droid

  1. Pamela Amos

    Does this work when you have a car parked in a deck. The nurses I work with often forget which level of the parking deck they are parked on? Will it direct them to the correct level?

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  3. Stephen

    Same problem as Mike has. I purchased it but it doesn’t show up on my Samsung Moment.
    Remarks from jerks like Arturo are not welcome. Does anyone have anything hlpful to say?

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