Dude Where’s My Droid

Here’s an application for those forgetful people who are always misplacing their Android. Let’s say you have no idea where your phone is and the worst part is that the phone is on silent or vibrate mode so you can’t call yourself to locate the lost phone. Here’s an application that will force the Android phone to ring when you send a secret code to the phone via text message, the magical app is called “Wheres my Droid”.


Here’s how “Where’s my Droid” works, after downloading the app you need to set it up with your own “attention word”, it’s the secret word you use to alert the phone to go into panic mode. Set up another “attention word” to get the GPS location of the phone, just remember that the GPS has to be enabled for this to work. If you donate a dollar you get to use ringtones to find your phone via email or text.

Just set it and forget it! (just don’t forget your attention word)

Where’s my Droid was recently updated to work with Verizons Motorola Droid and can be download from the Android Market for free. Donate to get extra features.

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