Trapster – Police speed trap warnings for the Droid

Getting pulled over by the police for speeding can be annoying and expensive. One easy way to avoid getting tickets is STOP SPEEDING, but that’s just too easy for some people so Trapster was introduced.

Trapster for Android warns you of speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras. Whenever a Trapster user spots one of these traps they mark it on the map from the application and if another user marks that same location that spot will become more legitimate and trusted. It’s a social network for speeders, the more people use it the better and more reliable it becomes.

Download Trapster for free from the Android Market.

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4 thoughts on “Trapster – Police speed trap warnings for the Droid

  1. dnaber

    Someone has reported traffic red light camaras at several location in my town, but they are actually traffic monitor camaras. I wish there was a way to challenge them or even delete them. Many speed traps are several days old too.

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